Loved the Waco show, I just listened to it today (6/12/2024). I don't know if you either Jon or Zach have been to Heidi's channel on Telegram, Watch The Water. She has been all over tracking the pedo rings in the government. She was in Waco on March 29, 2023. I'm sending you her links to her videos on Telegram. She did these with some gentlemen who give tours at Mt. Carmel. They report that Koresh bought Mt. Carmel because it used to be a boys camp. Those boys were supplied to DC/Elite pedo's who had parties. This camp was located right next to a ranch owned by the Bush's and had an airport conveniently located next to the boys camp for easy transportation. The two gentlemen share their history of the Davidians contrary to what the Gov reported about Waco. The gentlemen connect George to Bill and thus the Waco debacle because Koresh was going to expose part of the DC pedo ring.
I hope the links work and take you right to the clips.

https://t.me/waterwatchtruth/25558 – First interview
https://t.me/waterwatchtruth/25559 – Second
https://t.me/waterwatchtruth/25560 – Third
https://t.me/waterwatchtruth/25561 – Fourth
https://t.me/waterwatchtruth/25562 – Fifth
https://t.me/waterwatchtruth/25563 – Sixth

She has a lot more on her page in March 2023 when she was in Waco. She would be a good person to interview for a show.