I’m a Badlands OG. I’m also a managing director of associations in AZ. I love Zak, but he is wrong about how one dissolves an HOA. In fact, most people living in an HOA move there to keep their home values up. Who wants to keep their home looking nice only to have a neighbor with a vehicle up on jacks next door? And getting all of your friends on the Board to overthrow the Association sounds like something a democrat would do. And ANYONE who lets me know they need extra time to put their trash cans away will ALWAYS be allowed that extra time. Really? We are actually governed by the Corporate Transparency Act, which is federal law. There’s no fining without warning, and the only rules against political signs is that you can’t have them up all year long. Everyone has a story about, say, someone who couldn’t park their pickup in the driveway. There’s more to that story. Guaranteed. The rants you all went on with lies and inaccurate information was disturbing. I wish I would’ve been in the chat to educate you all.