Hey Brian and Ash love this show place to get all the election news. You both doing a great job for our country. Hey I need to know how to get a print out of the CISA report. Can you direct me where to find? Please be exact and spell out the website. I tried looking and couldn't find. I'm going on the 4th to meeting with my county to discuss our elections. I'm in California using hart machines. With all the fraud shown these last 3 years my county went and purchased scanners for all precincts so instead of putting my ballot in a black bag I know get to scan it. So you put in scanner and when you see the American flag come on the screen your vote just got counted. I said I don't get a paper showing how the machine placed my choices? Oh no just a flag. Trust us it did it right. Outrageous! Thanks for all you do and please spell out the website!