From a fan, to all of BADLANDS

$217.00 U have to read this like Patrick, always 😎 LAST EDIT, u don't have to read this aloud, I'm sending it to u. Ty ty Ty ty I wanted to support the show. Specifically, gangs of New York. TPTB knew what they were doing before we did. By time the good guys...


$10.00 Chris, on Daily you talked about a book club. An idea I had, as someone who can’t focus long enough to read, is to have Patrick read a few chapters per week, a la Reading Epic Lit, then you can do the monthly show.

Thomas Times

$17.00 Story Hour is definitely the most fun Badlands Show, and deserves my first ever Badlands Boost! I'd like to recommend Jordan Peele's "Get Out" from 2017. I didn't catch it until mid 2020 during COVID lockdowns when I was being...


$20.00 Your Gangs of New York show was pure fire and in my opinion was your best show to date. The flow and chemistry of the conversation, the substantive content and educational illumination was as good as it gets. I had the pleasure of meeting you both in Irvine and...


$5.00 Great show tonight! Your discussion of Kingdom of Heaven is so timely. One of the best shows on Badlands Media!


$17.00 Chris, Surely you’ve read “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon“? Thoughts? Or have you covered it and I missed it.