$5.00 Great show tonight! Your discussion of Kingdom of Heaven is so timely. One of the best shows on Badlands Media!


$17.00 Chris, Surely you’ve read “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon“? Thoughts? Or have you covered it and I missed it.


$20.00 Kudos to you both. You're out of control together. Chris with "they're already so many steps ahead in the informational future" and BB with "we can game that out with the Q drops"… this topic alone is mind...


$10.00 Patrick. You hit the nail on the head. You got cut off without fully realizing your thought, but the fact remains. They culled the herd in the wrong direction with the jab! The "gullible and the slavish", as you say, were culled. And they kept alive...


$10.00 Chris Paul. About the knife on the neck scenario… he slashed like 6 or 7 times, then the men being slashed ROLLED OVER! What's that about???