$20.00 Last Friday, I had a dental appointment and then an endodontist appointment – I did not a fun day ahead of me. I was listening to The Brief and laughed so hard at Ashe's MmmMmmFA. It totally made my day and laughter calmed me down! I even said it...


$17.00 (Sorry, I’m so dumb!) I left my Boost for The Brief on the Tuesday Badlands Daily. Hope the extra $17 will buy my forgiveness. Anyway, I enjoyed Patrick solo, don’t mind the recorded show. I love to hear Patrick unfiltered! Can’t wait for the new show with...


$10.00 Greetings from the communist state of Colorado (Colorado Springs)! Love you both. Is there a way to set up a monthly recurring boost?


$100.00 Much appreciation for the brief, God Bless You all 🙏✌️♥️ Always JC