$100.00 Ashe and CannCon, I appreciate your coverage of the FANNY WILLIS trial. Keep up the good work I had to put this here since Jon Herold does not have "Special Coverage" as an option on the boost page


$10.00 Have you heard about Daily Clout’s Clean Elections Model bill? 19-pages. You can download the pdf from We just spent a day at Iowa’s Capital lobbying our state legislature for the same. And what do...


$25.00 I really appreciate all that you do on Why We Vote (and Badlands Daily). You cover topics and have guests that MSM will not. I believe we save our country by fixing our elections first. Thank you CannCon and Ashe for keeping us informed.


$5.00 Interesting revelations! To be eligible to run for President, a candidate must be born on US soil, with both parents US citizens at the time of birth. Nikki Haley is therefore disqualified. If M. Obama seeks the Presidency, we get to see M’s birth certificate to...