If Trump knew the election would be stolen, we can assume that Trump wanted the election to be stolen – it's "part of the plan" to wake people up.

Therefore is it possible that everyone who helped steal it and keeps perpetuating the steal is a WH helping Trump?

– Murdoch, by calling the election early,?
– Stacey Abrams?
– Raffensperger?
– Fani Willis?
– Jack Smith?
– FBI's involvement in J6 (Trump has deep ties with the FBI)?
– Zuckerberg by blatantly infusing 500 million Zuckerbucks to the Dems?
– MSM?

Going further – the biggest red-piller of all is Mayorkas, followed by AG Garland, the RINOs, etc.
Are they WHs?

What about the seemingly moronic blue state mayors and governors?

If truly "The Patriots Are In Control" wouldn't everyone be doing Trump's bidding? Trump clearly can't leave anything to chance, including a bad verdict in all of the court cases.

Is everything a show?

It's really confusing where "Devo/Plan" ends and the Deep State starts. Furthermore, everyone uses a different point on the continuum.

For the non-devo-enlightened normies, they hate Pence and anyone downwind of him. On the other extreme, Trump is just another globalists tool because he was seen praying at the Western Wall in Israel.

What about things like Lahaina, WEF, etc?