U have to read this like Patrick, always 😎

LAST EDIT, u don't have to read this aloud, I'm sending it to u. Ty ty Ty ty

I wanted to support the show. Specifically, gangs of New York.
TPTB knew what they were doing before we did. By time the good guys figured it out, we were behind in the fight.. We started after being punched.
This episode should resonate with everyone who's paying just a little attention with the current news.
There's nothing new under the sun, it appears
I've shared it with another forum, and, my sister.
I will start asking everyone I know, because of u 2 I now, have the cliff notes,+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thanks again, both of u, and everyone at BL.

The "no nothings" makes me think of " deplorables". Btw I suck at spelling, so, I check myself . Type in deplorables, lmfao
"white pill" I missed when that came on scene. Can u define 4 me? And I thought I've been on seen 4 awhile πŸ˜‚ normies to ?
Btw, BB, Ash in chat thinks it's Heglian dick, her response during culture of change chat. Y'all remember that thing, u only tease people u like. Can't risk it with text. Think Divorce πŸ˜‚
Imo everyone should listen to shows like this that throw truth nuggets like candy. I mean, this one in particular is pretty gold.
Listen to the episode more than once, less than 17.
This episode, "Gangs of New York" if nothing else, go to 45:41 and listen.

Chis, to be clear I'm no psyop, and u didn't even have to ask, πŸ˜‚. I think u r the best EVER commentary person. I agree with what Jon said.
I listened to Rush from summer of 89 until his death. Intermittent listener 92-95. Rush, was a people builder. Rush, was right. It did take me 2 weeks listening, for me start liking him.
"Prussian education system" man o man. See why we love you, and y'll SO IMPORTANT.

The best, is yet, to come.

(Remember, read like Patrick)
Ps, sorry for the long post, but I am anonymous, so who f u c k I n g c a r e s