That last boost, it occurred to me that was a bit of a black pill. I got to the end of the show and heard what ash said. You can read this one in its place. You don't have to mention that boost.
I want to continue telling you about Tommy. It's my own notes, I'm just going to copy paste.
when i picked him up, it was only an 8 mile drive. he said i saved him 3 hours. walking pace 3 miles an hour.

when we got to the town, he said Walmart we sat at Walmart for maybe another 20 minutes. I was just listening. I was in awe.

He thinks he'll live another 40 years. He's almost 50. He looks great son of a bitch is stout. Tributes it to the walking, of course.

(reading this part back, it sounds like Coward of county lmfao)

He did say when he did confront his doctor, his doctor was scared with a look, from Tommy's eyes like Tommy wanted to tear him apart. He said the doctor backed up to the corner of the room and finish the conversation. he said he sold his business and racked up over $250k. he doesnt think he owes it anymore because someone told him after 7 years it disappears.

Why didn't you tell me fendbendazole? its not fda approved Dr. said, but there is off label cures.
The time line of this I never figured out, it had to been after Ponca city though.