If we put on our Trump-colored Tac-Rites, we can clearly see the Master Showman, Dealmaker, Sun-Tzu strategist and Shit-poster win the most massive victory in history.

Think about what an insult has been made against real American Women with the likes of Kamala, Hillary, Pelosi, AOC, MOHAP, then Haley and all the other RINOs. 50% of Trump's voter base, 50% of all Americans, need redemption, leadership, inspiration, and PAYBACK.

Pence is another crusty old white dude many conservatives won't forgive. There are other ways to redeem him. Grenell will inspire conservatives, but can't convert nearly enough Trump haters.

A strong, smart, hottie is going to pull in more voters than any man. If Sinema re-energizes her campaign, it's Lake. If not, Noem is waiting in the weeds, just like Pence did quietly in 2016. America's Woman problem has to get fixed to bring out the most massive reserves of American warriors – the chicks.