Tuesday's night episode was a super-spreader…a super-spreader of JOY! Listening to Abs' hysterical laughter at the Fauci Memes was a tonic! You're an ABSOLUTE joy, Brother. Again, another immaculately prepared show. Thank you to you and Joe.

Picking up something you said on Tuesday's Badlands Daily about Boris Johnson: I definitely suspend all judgement on the man! He criticized the vax, and was then quickly shut up by 'the regime'. That's after pushing the 'natural immunity' idea. Again he got destroyed by the media and the regime. I remember his parting shot in Parliament he said something about "the future being golden" – a nod to either BTC or a precious metals backed monetary system. So many fellow 'Awoken' Brits hate the man, but they don't know the playing field we're on. Trump always referred to him as Churchill-like character (that's another rabbit hole to go down – Churchill was no hero – https://falsificationofhistory.co.uk/winston-churchill-traitor-and-murderer/).

I also agree with your take on Nelson Mandela. Again, not the hero the history books paint him to be. Out-and-out commie, with close ties to the Knights of Malta and the Masons. Heavily backed by the Zionists.

Thanks again my fellow Patriots over the pond! You guys have the best show on the interwebs!