A few months ago I'd asked if you thought there was a plan for Canada. This episode you discussed how the US is a Constitutional Republic – in Canada we are a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy. What most Canadians don't know, probably because we are so influenced by American media, is that our politicians, military and RCMP swear their Oaths to the Crown, NOT to the People of Canada NOR to our Constitution NOR to our Bill of Rights. I believe this needs to change to move forward and I suspect Australia, NZ, etc. are in a similar situation.

With all the Royal Family shenanigans, I'm wondering what would happen to semi-constitutional monarchies if the Monarchy falls or is abolished. Prince Andrew is in big trouble, and now Harry appears to be as well, could these scandals end the cancer-struck Monarchy? Alternatively, I wonder how much digging William might've done when his mother was (in all likelihood) murdered when he was 15. Is it possible he has a covert vendetta against those responsible? Could he be a King of Hearts and free us from the shackles of the Crown?

Q says "The 'CURE' will spread WW. Have FAITH, Patriot." so I guess we'll just do that but Canadians are so indoctrinated I'm wondering how bad it's going to have to get for the majority to wake up! For example, the carbon tax we pay on fuel, natural gas, etc. just went up 23% on April Fool's day while Members of Parliament got a hefty pay raise… and almost no one is even angry about this! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I appreciate you both, and thanks for another great episode.