Great show re: Paul V. Faul guys! I'm 52, raised on the Beatles in a serious way and remember pouring through this topic with friends in middle school. My parents had all the albums and it was the 70's, no internet. It was so fun reliving this conspiracy with y'all.

BUT…I have to say I'm now convinced after the the side by side vocal tracks of Yesterday. I've been a singer almost all my life, toured in my 20's: being a prof. singer makes you a prof. "listener" and here's the skinny: Paul's voice is expansive, smooth and the resonance is just beautiful. Faul's voice is constricted and thin. That's the first tell…imagine he's squeezing his throat to hit the notes, that's contraction and it makes it sound weak. Paul's is wide open, rich, expanded and so true and authentic in comparison. He really should sound better after 8 years with better equipment and much more practice. It probably isn't that he was just tired of being on the road…I don't know that he was touring much at that time. The Beatles stopped touring after Candlestick I'm pretty sure.

I never really had an opinion on this but also never heard the two voices side by side. There's not doubt in my mind now. The walrus was Paul.