I believe in earth changes from other planets. A channel I've followed since 2018 talks about this. It's a figure it out along the way channel. It was cool to watch, he's been right about much.
His oldest channel got to many strikes and canceled. One of the strikes was live feeding congressional hearing about Covid.
The biggest theme has been the expression the meek shall inherit the earth, "it's not just lip service". Magnet in your heart is scientific fact.
If we all come together, (this great awakening) with our hearts, we can prevent some of these earth changes. It's scaler physics. All our hearts stacked, with Mother Earth, increases the earth magnet.
Love, meek, semantics, you get what I am saying though.
The channel isn't for fainted heart, and he's not a supporter of any politician. I want to tell him about this great awakening so bad, and Trump is helping. Don't you think I can turn that around on him?
Like, what if, that's, what the great awakening is all about?
If what I've said is true, then it would work, based on his premise right?
Talk about the ultimate culture of change.