I first heard the term devolution while listening to Glen Beck, a caller called in and asked him why Glen wasn't talking about devolution. Glen shot him down, I was surprised, Glen admitted he was aware of it and basically called the caller an idiot for questioning the almighty Glen, of course he was aware and investigating it. BUT I don't believe Glen has ever mentioned it. That opened my eyes. I was so shocked by the 2020 election I needed to find hope and John and Patrick gave that to me. John's writing, Patrick's reading. Thank you SO Much!! I started listening to many of the badlanders individually and was thrilled when many were brought in and i discovered some new ones as well, and have been listening ever since. Would love a GART in Massachusetts, shout out to BB!! Love how BB analyzes the language people use, it's so important. Met Kyle on badlands and now love listening to him read the court docs, John- love your innocent inquisitiveness and your need to question and find the most basic answers that either destroy or strengthen the hypothesis. Appreciate you all! Check me out on Rumble @lisabennington when you need a break from politics, videos of my homestead, Flock it Farm