You know what’s so interesting? If I just click through my notifications (and there’s a whole lot because I’m a self admitted notification hoarder), I get this broad view of content creators, blogger etc. attacking the deep state from every angle. I can’t say they are all of Badlands quality of course, but the fact it’s become more acceptable is a small victory in and of itself. It’s not like we are out of the woods or anything at this point, but things are accelerating right now. And the fact that every angle of the narrative is being challenged from multiple angles is long overdue. Fake news gonna fake after all and the limited hangouts are still everywhere. Most of us already know all of the stuff that’s been coming out, but let me leave you with this…. I’m a nurse in the Metro Detroit area. I work nights and I’ve had to bite my tongue over the past several years with regards to politics, Vaccines etc. (I refused the vax, fought back and won with a religious exemption- they don’t even question me when I don’t turn in my mandatory annual flu shot anymore). But yesterday, every single patient’s room I went into regardless of gender,race or socioeconomic status was watching DJT at the border. Yes it was on Fox, sigh, but we only have like 30 channels and I can promise you the sentiment was always heavily skewed the other way until just recently. I see people slowly waking up every day at my job and this is not an easy city for that. Thanks again guys! Love you all You have provided a sanctuary for the adult brains! – Badlander since day 1. Hope to meet you all at a future GART soon!! ❤️❤️❤️