Burning Bright. I wanted to tell you that I am sorry you have Lyme. It was a long journey for me to find out exactly what I was dealing with and I wanted to give you a few tips so that maybe you can get to treatments faster than I did. I also have other co-infections the Lyme came with. I've been dealing with it for probably about 10+ years, and like you didn't realize and when it got really bad,I finally got answers 2 years later after I found a Naturopathic Lyme Literate Medical Doctor. I have 5 different species of Lyme, Babesia Microti, Bartonella, Mold Toxicity, and Toxoplasmosis. I have severe neurological problems, almost seizure/stroke like, and exhaustion. Lots of nervous system issues. I wanted to say that you're totally right doing your research. It's good to find a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor, they know the tests to have you get run that traditional doctors don't use. They use natural and functional medicine. Try to get tested for other co-infections, specific species of each bacteria, because Lyme usually doesn't come alone, and if you don't deal with co-infections should you have them, it will make it more difficult to treat. My body wasn't properly detoxing because of the load of bacteria I was dealing with. There can also be heavy metal toxicity and there's tests you can get done for all of these things that you can research and ask a LLMD about and they'll order them for you to take. These bacteria can hide and go dormant also, once they get used to a treatment, they come back out and wreak havoc. They also can mess with your hormones. My doctor began with natural only, lots of tinctures and supplements. You change protocols tailored specifically to you and I may end up on antibiotics if I have to as a last resort. I felt called to speak to you on this because I know exactly what you're dealing with and I thought I would mention a few things to help you on your journey with it. I am happy you found out answers and I hope this helped you have some things to consider. I felt compelled to tell you this because I know exactly what it's like to have this and it's a journey, but I pray you find health and God bless you. Don't ever ever give up, God is good and even if it seems like it's never going to end, He can heal anything. Maybe not on the timeline we'd like, just like this journey we're on in the "political" world, it may not happen overnight, it's a process. And I use yours and Kyle's advice to defect when I need to about my illness and talk with God. By His stripes, we are already healed of all sickness and disease! Just have to use our discernment to take action in the natural and have faith in the supernatural healing power of God. Thank you for all you and Kyle do! God Bless!