Re: Seventh-Day Adventist apocalypse story….I’m impressed you know the story at all, though your report was inaccurate.

The SDA (Seventh-day Adventist) church did not yet exist.
What you referred to was the sad ending of the Millerite movement.

William Miller, from New England, began preaching his interpretation of biblical prophecy from Daniel 8:14, about the temple being cleansed after 2300 days. He concluded that meant that Jesus would come on Oct. 22, 1844.
He had quite a following.

That day has been labeled as “The Great Disappointment” .
People were devastated. Many had quit their jobs, sold their possessions to evangelize others,…some did not harvest their crops….it must have been a tough winter and they were now laughingstocks besides.

I have not heard of any cliff jumping. If it happened I suspect it was not because they thought Jesus was coming, more likely from grief He did not.

On Oct. 23, a man named Hiram Edson experienced some kind of vision or insight that he believed was from God, explaining the true meaning of the Daniel prophecy, which he shared with others….that group founded the SDA church.

I don’t know how to link it but there is a Wikipedia page re: Edson and this story if any care to read it.

Keep up the good work.