I understand I’m not around a lot because I’m too totally busy with my family and work too maintain visits, social media accounts, etc. I do watch the replays; I actually left a boost a couple weeks ago & it wasn’t read – not that that matters I just want y’all to know that you’re awesome. You did a great job. I love the information. I saw Jon on X22 years ago and just know that I’m here. I’m always listening and I’m always sharing your streams when I can. That’s really about the best I can do right now. Inflation is killing me, this whole year has taken our family of six to hard times and while I’m positive and believe in awesome things to come I’m still trying to make ends meet and get where I need to be. Thank you for keeping my spirits high. I wish I could go to a GART – I can’t afford it , but I love the entire community. Everyone in gart chats are so sweet and caring. Y’all are awesome. Take care. Be safe. Much love. NvswicNothing!