Jon, Kyle, and BB: I just wanna say y’all are awesome hosts. I immediately knew Jon was on to something during feature reads and interviews on x22 – I bet Dave didn’t see you coming lol! I’ve watched all the replays, long before badlands was a name. Kate helped me onboard to telegram during the twitter ban & parlor fiasco. I never miss a DPH or Defected show. I’m just so happy Zak, Jordan, and Chris jumped in. The whole lot of you are good people – Thank you for having the courage to make our movement a big deal. I really want to go to A GART but as a mom married to a non-political man with 4 costly teenage mouths I dunno if I’ll get to one w/o creditors BUT I’ll be virtual as usual for every event.
All that aside, I agree with Kyle that words are spice, and no matter what chat says y’all always go out of your way to bring us facts with fun loving, often comedic, deliveries and I don’t really think it’s our place to judge you or your opinions but to simply acknowledge we ALL have an opinion to share. When will people just let people people without the blather? I miss the 80’s/90’s in that respect. So frustrating. At any rate, if anyone wants to watch a show that bows to every whimsical notion I say seek out => 🌈🦄 <= 🤣😂 Not sure they’d make it through a Sather scoop lol! Wish I could give more $ guys!
❤️✝️❤️🇺🇸 #DevolutionisReal & #ncswic