Hello Guys

Thank you for all that you do. I listen to all your shows power hours, defected, EOTS and more. I hear you guys disagree with each other in a very good way. In the end I find your disagreements are only technical. You are all in agreement with what is going on, a truth revolution. You guys are getting closer and closer to the main point so I want to say it here. This whole movement is about devolving from all the individual programing. It’s all about the whole AND the individual at the same time.. In the end we need to be the truth. If we observe how we behave at times as the Hilary Clinton’s of the world. We may not see it clearly but how do we mistreat our ourselves. Ok I picked a harsh evil person. Trying to make a point. We may not be like her but honestly we are not perfect. How do we deceive ourselves and mistreat ourselves daily. Listen to the self talk. If we can be a person of respect, trust, truth, honesty, integrity with self first and get the ego out of the way we have won. This is the whole movement. All of you at badlands represent this well. If this is achieved on an individual level then those who we elect in the future, we will never have to doubt, they will never mislead us or cheat us. Those that are not capable of this level of change will be weeded out. They are weeding themselves out by being gender whatever it’s called. This is the revolution. This is what I hear all of you saying in different ways. Even when Patrick says the earth is flat oh gosh it is painful to hear. But he is not wrong either. The reality is a construct whether it is round or flat. We are all having individual experiences where everyone of us is correct in what we are experiencing. We all are a piece of the puzzle. Shall we create a collective experience of truth as DJT is guiding us to.