Patience for me is work in progress. Btw anyone else spell check mess with them? I have screen shots, it's messing with me😂.
Today in phone conversation I learn her mom has cancer, breast, then went to bones? I'm not good with knowing any of this, the types.

I figured out not to come off as know it all, just tell Tommy's story.
Audience type thing. I told her synopsis of Tommy's story, she was receptive. I later sent her screen shot, specifically what Tommy said, and it was PanacurC. Pancreatic cancer he had 10 years ago, and every 9 months from there., he takes his dose. Cancer subsided, and he's strong as a horse. That's it.
Duh, it's how you say things, I will practice empathy now, because it's very personal, not about Tommy's story. Work in progress.
I can't wait to complete the 3 or 4 more posts about this. It's more the story of him, not about the cancer. I'm posting again now, since it happened today, and relevant. Tune in next week for more, unless 😎
Luv u all