I would like to propose that the flat earth theory is a disinformation campaign to make the right appear crazy, much like Nesara is a psyop. People who believe one theory often believe the other. Phil Godlewski is a flat earther if that means anything. I’ve heard the excuse that the flat earth theory is irrelevant so it’s not worth the time to research. It IS relevant because it divides us and dilutes the message of our movement. Anytime the topic comes up in rants it's the Globers who get criticized and demeaned. Why does one prominent Badlander get to have so much influence on a topic that has not been vetted? The Flat Earth gurus are grifters and very good at twisting the truth. The Globe was proven centuries ago, long before NASA came into being. NASA lying has nothing to do with the shape of the earth. Nesara has been researched and debunked. It’s time for Badlands Media to practice what they preach and do the actual research on flat earth.