I am so glad to be an early supporter of Badlands. The feeling of family in the chats and the ability to interact with the contributors is invaluable. In my opinion, this format is what EVERY news source should be.
Jon won me over during the x22 podcast and the Original Liberty Den with Kate and Beer seem like a lifetime ago.
The Devolution.link and Patrick reading it in the beginning got me hook line and sinker.
The GARTs virtually is all I can do at this point. But if you get close to the NWOhio area…. I will be all in. I believe YOU ALL are exactly what WE NEED going forward.
I would like to include Badlands in my will. Let me know if that could be done down the road. For now…. Rants and Boosts are like "Love Taps" from mom.
I am so happy that both Kyle and BB and Kate are Q believers and that Jon comes from another direction entirely. You are all amazing, each in your own way.
WWG1WGA is a helluva lot more than just an inscription on a ship's bell.