I got home from my daughter’s my first big outing since I got home. I didn’t go to church and felt rather empty. But as Christ told us, “whenever two or more are gathered in my name…” you two became those and for the first time since I stopped going (I have such angst about what the Anglican Church has been implicated, I found it difficult to pray, to “talk” to God. I loved all the music, pomp and circumstance of high holy days until I realized it was demonic. I will never he able to take communion again, realizing how many children have been sacrificed on those altars with those same prayers. I was SO moved I watched again at 9:00. I
Defected..who? LOL. Thank you for blessing my Easter. I have many things to be grateful for releasing my anger at God for allowing the thousands,perhaps millions of people, especially children, who have been murdered by people I prayed to every week. Thank you. I’m even so moved to write to my ex husband of the first 20 years of my adult life and express my apologies for how I hurt him and offer forgiveness for for things he did that hurt me. My son is getting married, my ex KS wife has turbo cancer. I don’t want my kids to feel they have to choose which parent to spend holidays. I’ve spent many holidays alone and I don’t want him to go through it when it’s time. So you get Defected’s share of the goods tonight, consider it an offering in Jesus’ name. Godspeed.