What if the full-blown Gitmo trials are being done now?

If you think about it, this is the only civil way:

Trump is out of office – no blame
Quiet – no protesting
Tons of national/global distractions
Mask tech is perfect
Body-doubles can use the same lib talking points (Comey, Clinton, etc.)
MSM can continue their anti-Trump rhetoric
Doesn't interfere with 2024 "election" plan or all the other speculating talking heads (will the election take place, etc.)

While we've been waiting for Trump to return and announce a deep swamp cleaning, Epstein list, etc. – is that really the best way? Imagine the protests/civil war/lunatic reactions from the libs when their favorite movie star, musician, actor, is targeted for trial. Even people who are just anti-death penalty won't like it.

What is the goal – quiet justice for these traitorous, murdering pedos or a published list, perp-walk, and public trial? Personally, I would love the latter, but is that really the best thing for our country?

What are your thoughts (there will still be leaks – e.g. Diddy, but maybe not the Epstein Ones)?

God Bless!