Jon, you're right, it's unacceptable – but it had to be this way. The slow roll out. It's maddening for those who know, it's maddening to those who have been following it all since before Trump came down that escalator. That they've got it behind a paywall just shows they are still working in the old way of profit over truth. Another way to look at it is that the lamestream also had this info, but wouldn't put it out – because they're still paid by their globalist handlers. Shellenberger (spelling but I don't care enough to bother) is at least getting it out to a wider audience, still a bunch of normies, but more and more it'll crawl out. Cool that Jessie Watters is talking, but until Lester Holt or David Muir comes out with it (if they're still on the air, I wouldn't know, I don't watch lamestream) it'll still not be seen by the vast majority of what I call the masses are asses. Dealing with them on a daily basis is what angers me. But I've grown more and more patient. The timeline isn't set to please, it's set to wake people up.

Dan Bongino has come around – I stopped listening to him because I got sick of his normie take, but he's learning. A lot of people are learning still. I just pray things turn around and get better within my lifetime. It's gone south throughout it so far…..

Bless you and Kate for making this network. Bless all the Badlanders. We are the news now.