Love what you guys are doing. With all due respect, to all of your hard work. You all are, admittedly, Johnny's come lately to this TRUMP TRAIN party. Some of us follow you guys and giggle when you say, "we said that 2 years ago".

John, your work on Devolution and COG is amazing. I believe you are fake and gay controlled opposition. Leave BB alone he is correct on the whole SHARK thing. I'm from Mass too, he has good judgement about staying away from sharks, but he loves wearing shorts and boots to P-town.
Patrick G, sometimes you come off as insulting and condescending. I hope that is your GayFabe. Do you take money shots of Angel Paste? That might be why the Black community loves that shirt. Leave my grammar alone.
Chris P, Not for nothing, but I like the way you think and form your opinions on the daily happenings. It is definitely from your time in Pedowood. Life imitates art thing.
Just Human keep up the great work following the fake and gay cases against Trump.
Burning Bright, I live in the same vicinity as you. I can provide some off the record shit that will blow the minds of Badlands viewers. Can confirm all info. I wish SHARKS would eat a dick in the Vineyard. Mike's dick!!!