Hey there guys!
Great show as always. Most of the time I need to watch on replay! I learn a lot then some goes right over my head. I haven't learned the lingo, yet.
I appreciate the laughs, especially coming from BB. JH I always look forward to listening to your take on what the heck crazy DS is coming up with next. Jon let me think a minute of what I say! JK, I started watching you before the start of Badlands Media. Ithe thing that has kept me watch the shows you are on, except Friday nights. Shabbat starts then. Is because you are unapologetic about not taking something as truth just because it seems to be the current narrative. You want proof and solid proof. (To be honest, I am abit on the nieve side and have trouble both learning and decerning. They say I am a bit challenged and maybe a bit slow. I am not sure about that. Although it did take me until I was 55 to figure out "they" had a point about being slow.
I think you three deserve a heck of a lot more than what I can send you a month.
Last word; I was always taught and believed that to use foul language when speaking publicly. Showed that you weren't well educated,lacked decency, or both. While I have adjusted my sensitivity to foul language. I truely believe that someone who has to use foul language. Really doesn't have much to say worth listening to. So they have to fill in with nasty and foul language.
Thanks again guys!