I alternatively find myself thrilled and amazed with the insights of all the Gen-Xers and Millennials on Badlands, and frustrated that you keep making the same mistakes as we Boomers and our Patriot parents.
If we continue to have Presidents, DJT will be the last Boomer President. As this Fourth turning Crisis period is resolved, Federal Government as we have known it will no longer exist. Trump may become the first Postmaster General of North America, as he alluded to in 2020, as returning in some form. As I have perceived as possibly occurring in the next First Turning is that what is left of Federal government will be less than ten representatives, one from each regional entity, responsible primarily for defense of intercontinental trade, funded totally thru tariffs.
Two or three postal regions may be formed from Alaska, the northernmost states and Canada, four or five from the current Continental USA, and at least one from current Mexico and the Caribbean island nations (including Cuba and southern Florida).
"Banking" may follow the pattern of the Postal Savings programs of North Dakota, but using the newer technologies of encrypted block-chain debit cards. Block-chain voting by area codes may lead or follow this change.