DPH #225
Sorry 3rd wheel Jon, luv you as a person and the work you did with Devolution. The work you are doing with Badlands is appreciated and admirable. I get the teasing/playful bullying with @BB. We see and know both you guys are having fun, right?

@realjusthuman is different. You cutting him off while he is sharing his coffee experience, to help you two have a better experience, was not only flippant, it was ugly. Looked like @BB was uncomfortable too, even though he played the middle well. Then, Kyle asks if he’ll get to share Doc/Case info, and your response, does any of it have to do with Devolution?, was just as gross. Kyle brings too much to Badlands and to “your” DPH show to be treated that way.

I woulda probably just said goodnight, but Kyle is smarter and I guess more patient. These two guys are awesome, and here’s some evidence…

Please go back and watch yourself and this clip — all the best 🙏🏻