Your discussion of the evolution of how we are awakening struck a chord with me. Embarrassed to say, my journey started on Twitter with Charlie Ward/Simon Parkes. After the 2020 (S)election, I got off Twitter/Fox News and transitioned to Rumble (X22, And We Know and Zak on RedPill78). Somehow from there, Badlands Media caught my ear and I’ve been with you almost exclusively since. Wish I could pinpoint how each step happened but Jon’s frustration of the stages of how people are awakening is understandable. It has to come in stages and in my experience, there were, and still are, many layers of awakening. Is Badlands the final layer, who knows? I’m confident and more discerning now to know it might not be and that’s okay. This layer has been a blast though I must say. Great episode, thank you!