Nelly Lab Sisters

Welcome to The Adventures of Bay & Breezy, and the second book in the series.. Lost in the Zoo!

Author Ashley Ronald Nelly and illustrator Sarah Webster Smith, are two patriot gals from Texas who need everyone’s help of making the best seller lists.

Their captivating storytelling and enchanting illustrations make this series a must-have for every young reader. Immerse your child in the whimsical world of Bay & Breezy, where each page is a treasure trove of imagination.

Emphasizing the importance of naptime and the joy of dreaming, Lost in the Zoo makes for an engaging read-aloud for young children and an amusingly relatable story for dog owners of all ages. The Adventures of Bay & Breezy is a series of children’s books inspired by, and illustrating, the real life of two fun-loving, often mischievous, biological Dudley Labrador sisters living in Houston, Texas.