ceresade (Dan)

$5.00 Constitutional carry is unrestricted open or concealed carry. The myth that open carry makes one a target is just that, a myth? 46 other states with open carry suggest that it's just not true. Dan from Cape Coral


$5.00 I want to chime in on the discussion about women and the draft. First, neither men nor women should be compelled into military service. If a war has the support of the people, they will enlist. If it doesn't, a free people should not be compelled to die for...


$50.00 I really enjoy listening to CannCon and Ashley on Badlands Daily but I listen almost every day. Thought it was time to send some support. I also especially love Kyle and BB on Defected Sunday nights. I have been a listener of Wednesday DPH since the very...


$5.00 Interesting article – US Fentanyl Crisis Is a ‘CCP-Run Operation,’ Says Peter Schweizer.. We are under attack. https://www.theepochtimes.com/epochcasts/china/us-fentanyl-crisis-is-a-ccp-run-operation-says-peter-schweizer-5630880


$20.00 A judge has ruled that illegal aliens are allowed to carry guns under the he 2nd Amendment! But, the Constitution and it's Amendments pertain to US Citizens, NOT those who are not… https://...