Betty G

$200.00 Love your show. I look forward to Tuesday and Friday nights for your show. Would be great to have a third night. God bless.

Sandra Kay

$100.00 Joe & ABs thanks for all the amazing shows Keep it up !! Things are heating up and I love how future proves past


$5.00 Great interview with the General. Such an inspiring individual. Glad he's leading the Pepe's into battle. Absolutely love the 2A segment, Colion Noir is always spot on.


$17.00 Thank you, Abs, for making the important distinction about those who talk about the Jews vs. Zionists! In truth, there are Jews who consider themselves Zionist, ie, they support there being a State of Israel, but they know not about the evil hijacking of the...


$10.00 Boost #2 after I got back from GARTDallas I told my roommate you need to watch that 1st panel, because Abs started out on FIRE. Well the other day caught her speaking my language when the name Qagg came out of her mouth! She's speaking our language 😊 Think...